Gave a fresh look to my website

Gave a fresh and minimal look to my website. Design inspired by which is built using Next.js. I have used SvelteKit for my website. This website completely uses markdown files for blogs, series, journey and work.

Joined Capgemini February

Got my first Job as a Software Developer at Capgemini, Hyderabad, India


New portfolio website + Blog using Svelte(Kit)

Created a new portfolio website with support for markdown blogs using Svelte(Kit)

Created my first portfolio website

Created my first portfolio website using React and NextJS. Although I cloned this from famous Markdown Blog Template , I made quite a few changes.

Graduated from University May

Finally graduated from University after 3 years (1 year in lockdown 🥲)


Started University

Joined SR University, Warangal, India to pursue my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (again)

Completed my Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Started my Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 2017



On 10th of October